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Hello there, fellow Bronies and Pegasisters!
Mysterious Kaos writting here, on behalf of :icongutovi-kun: Gutovi-kun, the main admin of this group. He's going through a few problems, that are keeping him from working on the group for one month.  Since he was one of the only admins to work on the voting of the group, this means everything will be VEEERY slow until the end of the month. Please, bear with us, and hang on. If you see that one of your stuff gets automatically rejected or withdrawn, then submit again. It's something related to how much time submitions last wihtout voting.
We're all sorry, but him specifically, for all this trouble, as soon as the month ends, he'll be ready to get back to work  all day like he always does!
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Welcome to our awesome group!


Welcome to the #theMyLittlePonyherd group. We are dedicated to the very popular show and fanbase, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Group Rules:

We do not accept the following

-Pony creator images
-G-mod and second life, other 3-D programs are allowed.
-Poorly made art
-Mature content such as (Nudity, sex, gore, or anything above PG-13) (Stuff that's 'sausy' is allowed)
-Journal Advertisements of any kind

1. Respect the admins and eachother.
2. No stealing art, you will be banned.
3. Keep art at most PG-13
4. Place art in the correct folders, it makes it easier on us and you.
5. Any relationship pairings are allowed, just follow rule 3
6. Follow DA's T.O.S
7. No tracing other peoples art unless you have permission, that would violate rule 2
8. Be nice and have fun, this group was made for that.

All rules are subject to change to fit the community needs and wants. (of course some rules will always remain)


If you have any questions about where to submit art or anything else, feel free to ask us by sending a note. We love to help you and if you have suggestions to make this group better, please do tell us.

Art Submissions

If you don't know where to submit something, please look at this Journal before asking. If you still don't know, then send us a note.

Donations, gifts, and super status

I love to try to be the best at something, but I require help sometimes. If you like the group please give us a Llama or a Cake We also welcome Points These will be used to help upgrade our group to Super Status, gift to worthy artists, and used in future contests.


Hey everypony! Check out our friends here!


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Why did you let my submissions go expired 4 times? Is this group dead?
Gutovi-kun, :icongutovi-kun: main admin of this group is really sorry, and asks for you to read this, and wait patiently.
themylittleponyherd.deviantart… "
Okay, I just saw a few deviations being accepted into this group TODAY. Why is mine left to expire? It's just an image of a seapony! Why's it so hard to get it accepted?…
GamingGoru Mar 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
SOPA is back! They're planning to remove fanart, fan fiction, and everything fan related! Please help by signing this petition so we can stop them before March 19th!…
xxxsweets Mar 2, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello pony fans :happybounce: 
Hey, in which folder should I submit drawing with my OC and Discord?
Mixed Characters.
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