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Yep, me, the admin. I'm starting to take PayPal paid commissions, for I'm in a real need of the money! I can take commissions about anything, and I can do a vast ammount of things. In order of not making this journal SUPER long and bothersome, here's the journal where I already explain all that I'm willing to do. If there's nothing not shown there, you can still note me, and ask if I'm up to it, and I'll see what I think!

PayPal Commissions Re-OpenNewest additions: 1 new NSFW with Background. 1 NSFW Comic. 1 SFW No Background. 1 Saucy with Background
I am in need of money, because I need to get my girlfriend a way to move out. She really needs to, for various reasons I can't really detail, and it isn't easy for her to get the money. She can't get much help from family either, so it's up to her and well... me to get that money. She's looking out for jobs and other means to get money, and me being in the country I live in, and the currency value.... even if I started working full time, the money I'd make wouldn't be really much in dollars, for her. I really need it, guys and girls. So if any of you have the money, and want a piece of artwork made by yours truly... I'd deeply appreciate it if you contacted me. I'm very flexible, open minded for ideas, usually work fast and hard to get commisisons in really short time and most importantly... I'm doing this for love. So please, if you have money, want a drawing, a comic, a short fram

Prices are not fixed and personally discussed with each and every one of my commissioners, so don't be afraid to ask, if you think your pay is low! I also accept donations, if you like my work, or like how I handle the group, take pity of my situation, or whatever reason it might be, I'll greatly appreciate it!

As always, thank you for your time, even if you won't ask for anyhting, or donate or anything like taht, thank you for reading. If you can't, or don't want to ask for anything, I'd be really grateful if you could tell someone you know, that you think might want something!

Even if I run the group, and I need this money, that doesn't mean I'll keep this journal up forever, and that you can't ask for help yourself, be it for commissions, offering something, or whatever. If you need help, :iconthemylittleponyherd: is always happy to help. So don't be afraid, and send us a note, and we'll do our best to help, be it ourselves, or post a journal so anyone in this group can help you!

Thanks again, and have a great day!
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Welcome to our awesome group!


Welcome to the #theMyLittlePonyherd group. We are dedicated to the very popular show and fanbase, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Group Rules:

We do not accept the following

-Pony creator images
-G-mod and second life, other 3-D programs are allowed.
-Poorly made art
-Mature content such as (Nudity, sex, gore, or anything above PG-13) (Stuff that's 'sausy' is allowed)
-Journal Advertisements of any kind

1. Respect the admins and eachother.
2. No stealing art, you will be banned.
3. Keep art at most PG-13
4. Place art in the correct folders, it makes it easier on us and you.
5. Any relationship pairings are allowed, just follow rule 3
6. Follow DA's T.O.S
7. No tracing other peoples art unless you have permission, that would violate rule 2
8. Be nice and have fun, this group was made for that.
9. No art will be accepted involving new characters of an episode not released yet, in order of avoiding an incorrect folder placement

All rules are subject to change to fit the community needs and wants. (of course some rules will always remain)


If you have any questions about where to submit art or anything else, feel free to ask us by sending a note. We love to help you and if you have suggestions to make this group better, please do tell us.

Art Submissions

If you don't know where to submit something, please look at this Journal before asking. If you still don't know, then send us a note.

Donations, gifts, and super status

I love to try to be the best at something, but I require help sometimes. If you like the group please give us a Llama or a Cake We also welcome Points These will be used to help upgrade our group to Super Status, gift to worthy artists, and used in future contests.


Hey everypony! Check out our friends here!


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